Refuse Collection

Hurt provides town garbage collection service for citizens residing inside the town limits, and for certain businesses (as allowed by health regulations). The neighboring Town of Altavista; having their own trucks, is under a contract agreement with the Town of Hurt to pick up all refuse. Residents are asked to observe the following schedule and procedures: 

  1. Weekly pickup is on Fridays unless otherwise announced. Exceptions are rare, but when they do occur, information is usually posted on this site’s bulletin board page and/or homepage.
  2. Containers should be placed streetside not later than 6:00 AM on collection days, and preferably the evening before.  They are to be retracted by 10:00 AM the following day.
  3. Household solid waste only — NO liquids, hazardous or toxic materials, yard waste, dead animals, ashes, construction materials, etc. 
  4. Items > 200 pounds in weight and/or too large to fit in containers require special pickup, to be arranged with the contractor. 
  5. Containers are the property of the contractor, who may impose a fee in the event of damage caused by user negligence or abuse. 
  6. The town’s arrangement with the contractor provides for one container per household. Persons desiring additional containers must make such requests to the contractor and pay the additional fees. 
  7. It is the responsibility of each resident/user to ensure that all refuse materials are secured in garbage bags upon placement in the containers. Loose fragments of paper, plastic, or other materials become scattered by natural winds and/or those generated by the truck’s motion, thus detracting from the appearance and/or health of our town environment. Neither the contractor nor the town is liable for picking up these unsecured materials if/when they become strewn — it is the responsibility of the individual(s) involved to prevent this situation. 
  8. Items left on the ground/outside the container will not be picked up unless prior arrangements were made with the contractor for a special pickup of bulky items.

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in keeping our community a pleasant one to live in. Thank you for your cooperation in this endeavor.