General Description

Hurt is located in the south-central Piedmont of Virginia, in the Staunton River Magisterial District of Pittsylvania County, the Commonwealth’s largest county in terms of land area. Its northern boundary is formed by the Staunton (Roanoke) River, beyond which lies the adjacent town of Altavista and Campbell County. Topography is characterized mainly by gently rolling lands interspersed with small mountains. Situated in the Staunton/Roanoke River watershed, the town’s surface waters enter the river mainly via two nearby tributaries, Reed Creek and Sycamore Creek. The area enjoys a moderate, 4-season climate regime in which prolonged extreme weather is rare.

Reference Data

  • Coordinates: 37° 5’ 42’’ N, 79° 17’ 54” W 
  • Elevation: 748′
  • Average Annual Precipitation (inches): Rainfall ≈ 31;  Snowfall ≈ 16
  • Average Temperature Maxima/Minima (°F): 45/25 (January);  87/64 (July)
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard (winter = UTC -5); Daylight Saving Time (summer = UTC -4)
  • Land Area: ≈ 3.5 square miles (inclusive of boundary adjustments made in 2008)
  • Postal ZIP code: 24563
  • Telephone Area Code: 434
  • Population: 1,304 (based on 2010 census)